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Our Story...

Like most photographers, we were both introduced to photography during our high school years. We met in 2011 while attending Norfolk State  University.  Not only did we have the same undergraduate major, but we also shared an interest in photography.  It was through these interests that allowed our relationship to grow. We instantly joined forces and started offering photo sessions to our colleagues as a form of practice for us.

Fast forward to 6 years later we are still perfecting our craft, booking appointments, and enjoying every second together and with our clients to help capture moments that will last for generations to come. We have both always been passionate about photography, and as such decided to start this business together.

The advantages of having two photographers are limitless! As a package, we are professional yet easy to work with, and practical with our prices.  Being recent newlyweds, we know too well the pressure and stress weddings bring and always strive to be of service to our clients to the best of our abilities.    

 We specialize in portraits and weddings and always strive to capture the highlights of your life while providing excellence and affordability to you!